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About Us


Vampest was born out of a deep passion for all things beauty and a desire to provide customers with exceptional products that enhance their self-expression. The founder, Jane, a makeup enthusiast and beauty industry professional, envisioned a store that would offer a curated selection of high-quality makeup brushes to meet the diverse needs of beauty lovers.


With a clear vision in mind, Jane set out to create Vampest, a store that would not only provide top-notch makeup brushes but also prioritize customer satisfaction and elevate the overall shopping experience. Jane aimed to offer a wide range of brushes that catered to various skill levels, from beginners to professional makeup artists, ensuring that everyone could find their perfect tools at Vampest.


Thank you for being a part of the Vampest family, as we continue to celebrate the artistry of makeup and empower individuals to confidently express their beauty.

Email: [email protected]
Business Address: 2612 Jewelstone Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA
Working Time: 8am -10pm